“Avalon” Avalon (self-titled debut)

I’ve been putting of my return to this blog on account of a friend trying to play catch-up regarding the reading of this blog. He came on late in the game and is one that I don’t mind at times critiquing my writing, mainly as a sounding board for the agenda I currently find myself addressing. Now that I’m gaining back my actual girl friends and a sense that waiting is unfair to the rest of my adoring fans (wherever you went to during this heinous haitus), I decided it was high time for an update. Here we go…

For some strange reason, I don’t have all my Avalon albums on my iPod, and even the album I did add isn’t in its entirety. It’s not like I don’t have the entire hard copy of the album — in fact, I have two of theirs. I should probably remedy this someday soon, because I really do enjoy their music when I do listen. All I have to say to this anomaly I can sum up in one word: MEH.

I actually introduced Avalon’s music to our family when I was younger. At that time, all we listened to was Carman, Keith Green, the Imperials. Steven Curtis Chapman had recently made an appearance in our family repertoire. One day, however, I heard “Testify to Love” on the radio and had to know more of this sound. Dad was skeptical, listening to the CD right after I purchased it even before I was able to do so. He was protective that way. In the end, it finally won him over because we were able to add more of their albums to our collection.

This particular album was actually the first. Almost an afterthought, I forget about it a lot until it cycles through shuffle on my iPod. In fact, I find most times that I have to remember that their music was such an integral part of the music I collected inspiration from for human video presentations. I grew up with this group, and now that I have grown up and tastes of changed, I find it rather easy to forget my roots.

Then, “Jesus is Lord” and their rendition of “My Jesus I Love Thee” start playing, and I remember. Did you know that their version of that hymn is my favorite? So tender, open and honest, “My Jesus I Love Thee” becomes a whole new way to look at the relationship I hold with an amazing, indescribable Savior in the voices of Avalon.

Maybe Avalon is trying to tell me something right now. Maybe I should take a trip or two more down memory lane. In this quest to reclaim the vibrant person I once was, I have to remember that a huge part of that was the music I was raised on that reminded me of the Savior’s love that I followed after.

Oh that I would be brave enough to follow once again.

My Jesus I Love Thee as sung by Avalon


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